Sunday, January 30, 2011

Will swap for fabric...

Karen at Sew Many Ways is organizing a swap meet. The deal is, you post something you don't want, and (cross your fingers!) someone wants it and you can agree on a fair trade for something you do want -- no money changes hands.

I'm reorganizing my craft space, and I'm ready to give up this little stack of cross-stitch patterns. The top one is a magazine from 1990 and the others are pamphlets from various companies. The designs include:
borders -- floral, Christmas, and a variety of alphabet, fruit, shells, etc.
baby and kid stuff
beautiful fuchsias and hummingbirds
"man" stuff -- ducks, old cars, etc.
other floral, vegetable and shell designs
New Orleans motifs (this one didn't make it into the photo)

I'm happy to trade for fabric -- preferably batik. I'd like to have one person take all of these, but if you really, really want something in particular, let me know! Thanks.

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