Saturday, November 27, 2010

blocks and socks

Back in my early quilting days, I made this sampler quilt from a free online BOM at the Planet Patchwork site -- designed by Diane Hundley. It was the first "big" quilt I made, and it's still one of my favorites. I made it scrappy but followed the colors of the original pattern.

Diane has created a new BOM every year since then, but this year's is the first that's grabbed me. It's a lot like my old one, with a variety of blocks and sizes put together puzzle-fashion. Here's a picture, and you can find the information here.
I've decided to do it in my own color-scheme this time. It's going to be mostly blue, with light blue as the background, and very scrappy. I'm hoping to pull just about all of it from my stash. Here's my first block:
I have a nephew who is dreaming about going to the air force academy in a few years, so this will probably end up being his high-school graduation quilt.

The instructions for the second block will be posted soon -- anyone want to join me in this project?

We've had a few days of cold weather here (ha ha -- cold for us, anyway!) and I have a new pair of socks to show off, just in time. I started doing these 2-qt-a-time following the instructions from "Knitting Circles Around Socks" that Judy was exclaiming about. I still find it messy to have all those circular needles and yarn flopping around, though, so after I turned the heels I finished each sock separately.

I like the stripiness of these -- it works well for completely plain knit. Next up will have to be something more colorful, though!


Julie in the Barn said...

I just may join in making that BOM quilt. It is so different from the traditional quilts I've made. Maybe all in pink and brown CW fabrics...mmm.

I just finished a sock. It turned out just a wee bit small so I'm bummed. I love the color and the wool. I think I'll go ahead and make a second with the other ball of yarn but try a plain knit and no fancy pattern. There are no sock police around here to arrest me if I wear two different socks.

Libby Fife said...

I always want to pair your socks with my Birkenstocks. Not a comment on your socks but more of a comment on me, my shoes, and my socks:)