Saturday, November 20, 2010

as promised... mostly knitting

But first, a shout-out to my friend Catherine who found out yesterday that she passed the California Bar exam! Way to go, Catherine! She did law school while working full-time, and passed on the first try.

Next, a little quilt finished last night -- this is "Babycakes" made from some large-ish scraps and with lighthouses on the back. It was on my UFO challenge list this year and will be donated to the guild's baby quilt collection. I had fun quilting big pebbles in the beige areas and meandering stars in the blue triangles.

Now for all the knitting I've been doing: hats for a bunch of the Wisconsin family members! I haven't decided who gets which one yet... (and a disclaimer: they haven't been blocked yet because I'm really not sure how to block a hat)

This is a "snappy hat" made from Cascade 128 -- another little adventure with cables.

This is a spiral design in Noro Kureyon -- yummy stuff!

It makes a fun spiral design on top, like this:

This one is "Turn a Square" made in Noro Kureyon and Cascade Pastazza:

The design comes out square on top, and includes instructions for getting your stripes to almost match up instead of spiraling.

Finally, this is "Thorpe" made with Artfibers Patois:

Artfibers is this amazing little shop in downtown San Francisco with the most scrumptious yarns. There are swatches of almost everything in every color so you really know what you'll get, and you can sit and try things out if you want. Very knowledgeable and friendly help, too.

All of these patterns were free on Ravelry -- let me know if you want more information.