Sunday, October 17, 2010

a question of climate

So... here are a couple of questions for those of you in cool climates: do adults (women) wear mittens? are these fingerless glove/mitten things useful? Inquiring minds want to know!

I've always lived in coastal northern California, so I don't know these things! We think it's freezing when it's 45 degrees out. But my in-laws are all in Madison, WI and I've been thinking about making a slew of mittens or something similar this year for the relatives there. I'm going back for a visit in a couple of weeks and everyone keeps telling me "dress warm" so I decided to make myself a pair of these mitts so see how they worked -- and because I had never done cables before and I wanted an excuse to try some!

Next up -- favorite photos from PIQF, as soon as I get them downloaded.


sophie said...

They're cute!

I made a pair when I lived in Michigan and wore them quite a lot--actually more so in Fall than in Winter ... although I sometimes did wear them in winter OVER a pair of leather or lightweight knit gloves ;-)

DPUTiger said...

I found fingerless gloves to be perfect when I was working in Los Angeles and my office building was roughly the temperature of a meat locker.

Now that I live in a northern climate with REAL WINTER, I am most decidedly a mitten girl. Gloves don't keep my hands warm enough. I knit my Northman's Mittens as my Knitting Olympics project and they're perfect. The best, most functional thing I've ever knit.

Your finished mitts look perfect!

The Calico Cat said...

I'm a glove girl, but I would be tempted to try those half-gloves with a mitten cover. (I have to yank off my gloves far more often than I care to admit.)

We are going to Houston in February - should I pack my gloves?

Kay said...

Oh this is made for me! It's cold here, and my hands are always cold.

Mittens are warmer than gloves because the body heat of the fingers helps keep them keep each other warm, but aren't much good for driving or anything where you have to use your hands. I haven't tried those fingerless things, but they seem ridiculous and useless to me except for the really cold room situation. I used them in my old house for that reason when I typed or did paper work.

The idea of layering those mitts that some people have mentioned might work. It hadn't occurred to me.

Darcie said...


I love my fingerless gloves. I wear them in the house...driving in the car...and when it's really cold and I have to wear mittens or real gloves, I layer my fingerless ones underneath. I find them to be quite fun (conversation pieces, often) and quite practical. And yes, perfect for trying a new stitch pattern or a new yarn. Or a pricey usually only needs 1 50 gram skein/cake.

Enjoy, Julie!

Rosie1925 said...

My fingers hurt when they get cold, so I love mittens.

Mom said...

Naturally, here in Maine people would look like you'd lost a few screws if your mittens were missing the part for the fingers. I kind of suspect this to be the case in the upper midWest too. Right now, however, we are approaching the freezing mark at night and going into the 50's in the day. Mittens are not really a necessity yet!

When it is cold, however, I do wear a pair of thick handknit mittens - much better than gloves if you don't mind the slight loss of mobility.

Elsie Montgomery said...

It gets -40 where I live, sometimes for two weeks at a time... so mittens and gloves and handwarmers... and just stay in the house unless you have to go out... all of the above to keep warm!

Paula, the quilter said...

I love my fingerless mitts. My office is a bit chilly and these are perfect to keep the fingers, hands and wrists warm. And like Darcie said, they are a perfect small project to try out new stitch patterns.

Barbara C said...

Very pretty! I wear fingerless gloves inside in the winter. They're just the thing when you're reading or typing in a cold room.

I wear gloves outside. It usually doesn't get cold enough here for mittens, which is too bad, because they are fun to knit and there are some great patterns.

Joyce said...

We definitely need fingers on our gloves up here, or preferably mittens. Even better are down filled mittens. The fingerless gloves would be fine in fall I guess.

sophie said...

Today I had a brainstorm that I should knit some of these for a friend in AUSTIN because they really are perfect for the "cold" days (in the "frosty 50's"). They're also perfect for someone like her who seems permanently connected to her cell phone. I remembered the cute knit, but couldn't remember if you posted a link to the pattern you used .. .