Thursday, October 21, 2010

a few of my favorite things

As promised, here is a little exhibit from PIQF last weekend. It was a pretty good show this year and seemed quite crowded on both of the days I was there.

Some of my favorites:Model Homes by Karen Flamme of California -- I always love houses!

Red Vase at Midnight by Barbara Lies of Wisconsin -- just stunning!

The Same But Different by Karen Fisher of Arizona. This measures only 37" square -- I'm a huge fan of intricate, modern miniatures and I adore this one!

Pomegranates by Janet Smith of California. Those are beads at the bottom-- very pretty.

Solaris by Christel Pietschmann of Germany. This is composed of a particular kind of mathematical spiral.

Green Fire by Chris Kenna of New Zealand. Detail below -- an astonishing amount of work! This is about 77" square.

I hope you enjoyed the show! Tomorrow DH and I are off for a long weekend in Astoria, Oregon just for fun -- and just in time for a big rainstorm. I see some serious knitting ahead of me...


Barbara C said...

Thanks for the glimpse at the show. These quilts are all so beautiful.

Kay said...

Thanks! Those are all beautiful, and rather unusual quilts.
Someday I'm going to make a house quilt...

Elizabeth of Online Fabric Store said...

Love all the quilts, especially Red Vase at Midnight. I also love the name of your blog, since I love floribunda roses.