Sunday, September 26, 2010

summer, finally

Sue from Featherstone Quiltworks has written a couple of times about the Minnesota State Fair and their category called "quilt on a stick" -- to go along with all the other "stuff" on a stick you can buy.... how about a hard boiled egg on a stick? a pickle? or any of these other treats?

So anyway, I liked the idea of a quilt on a stick. It's meant to be about 8" x 9" with a vertical sleeve for a paint stick. I roped one of my little groups into this last month, using the theme of "summer" -- and here's my Summer on a Stick:

It's embellished with some old buttons and a few beads. Mine was cut wonky -- it's not just the photo. We have a little brick planter box on the front porch, so it may live out there for a while. Despite the calendar saying "fall", we're having a heat wave right now -- too late for the tomato plants, though.

We've been keeping the doors open to cool down the house in the evening, and a couple of these guys flew into the kitchen tonight. One immediately flew into the flame of the gas stove, poor thing, but this one stayed on the floor. It's only about an inch across -- but I thought the pattern was lovely.


Libby Fife said...

What a clever idea! So cute for the summer when the signs could really be outside (or even well into the winter here in the Bay Area).

Joyce said...

What a cute idea. I may have to try that.