Thursday, July 08, 2010

wind and water

This is a view I go back to every time I come to Kauai... it's near Princeville, looking down onto Hanalei valley and the taro fields. I've probably posted a similar photo before, and I always say that it's going to become a quilt some day.

Today I roused myself from my book (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo -- exceptional vacation reading!) to go to my favorite place on the island: The Kilauea Lighthouse. This is also a wildlife preserve and it's a beautiful location for hanging out and watching seabirds.

This is a little cove that always fascinates me. The color in the photo isn't perfect, but the water has an incredible milky teal that just kills me!
Al told me he had bypassed a few squalls, so I was interested to see a few little storms out at sea...
I have been doing some sewing, too. I think I mentioned a while back that I was in two birthday block swaps this year, and I asked for blue blocks on the theme of "wind or water" to make a little quilt for Al. I brought the blocks with me to assemble, and got it done this evening. I'm not sure yet if it will have a border or not -- right now it looks like a photo album to me and I sort of like it this way. (it's pinned to a curtain, so looks more wobbly than it really is!)
It always seems that in any set of swap blocks there's one that blows me away -- this one did it for me this time. It's better in person, and was made by Sue Vermeland.
At the last check-in at 9 pm PDT, Al was 101 miles from the finish line, so I'm expecting to see him tomorrow mid-day. Can't wait!


Elsie Montgomery said...

Lovely photos, and love that swap block. Now I will be looking for sea gull fabric!

Kay said...

What a marvelous experience: a beautiful setting, a good book, sewing, and your husband's successful sail! said...

Congratulations on Al making it safe and sound...he deserves that drink for sure after all he went thru!!!
I too am blown away with that block that looks like a beach scene...All of the blocks were great but that one just stood out!
You had an interesting group of projects going on....all wonderful.
Hope you get to enjoy some down time with Al on the island.

Julie said...

I'm glad Al made it safely! Great pbotos, I can only dream of it. Interestingly my friend I am with here at Sisters just finished reading the same book last night and highly recommended it and is anxious to read the next one.

DPUTiger said...

That swap quilt looks fantastic! I've never been brave enough to travel with quilting. Then again, I do as little as possible by hand! (here's where knitting comes in very handy!)