Saturday, July 17, 2010

garden mayhem

Yesterday afternoon, there was a lovely yellow sunflower at the top of this stalk. Looks like the local squirrels are at it again! It was my only sunflower, too... in past years they've also managed to eat a lot of sweet corn, a small tree-full of apples, and a number of blueberries. I need to figure out some netting, or rent a dog, maybe.

Clearly this honeybee is perplexed... "I knew there was something here yesterday"
Evidence of the foul deed:

On the other hand, my crop of gourds is doing really well this year -- these are from one of those packets of mixed seeds

They're trailing everywhere!

And my favorite rose: Golden Wings

There's been some knitting going on, despite the heat. These are Garter Rib socks that I made for my sister -- my first gifted socks! She's modeling them...

More sewing soon, I promise!


Darcie said...

Ach! A naked sunflower plant...poor thing! Hope your thief/thieves get what they justly deserve...dern things.

Love the knit finish! I don't know that it's ever too hot to find something *cool* to knit or crochet. ;-)

Julie said...

The squirrels are really bothersome this year and the two dogs can't keep up with keeping them away, so renting a dog may not help! They destroyed my petunias. Great socks! I knitted a dishrag last night, trying to get back the knitting rhythm.

Threads of Inspiration said...

Squirrels can be so annoying but I've discovered, so can rabbits. They have been making quick work of my lettuce and now I see they are sampling the beet tops...grrrr. I do have a dog and that helps some but when it is hot she likes to sleep in the house.
Very nice socks, your sister is lucky!

Elaine said...

I love the goldenwing rose.

DPUTiger said...

One of the hundreds of reasons I have no interest in gardening. That would be maddening. Your socks look fantastic!