Saturday, June 19, 2010

and they're off!

The Single-handed TransPac race started this morning, and Al is off and running... or sailing, that is. It's a sailboat race from San Francisco to Hanalei, Hawaii, a distance of about 2,120 miles. Single-handed means just that -- each of the 15 boats has one person on board!

Here's a brief moment of relaxation before his boat got towed out to the starting area. (He can use his engine for electrical power, but they seal the drive-shaft so that he can prove he only used sail-power for the duration of the race)
Milling around before the start of the race... Angel Island is in the background.
And, he crosses the starting line, with San Francisco, Alcatraz, and the Bay Bridge as a backdrop!
My sister arrived from Tasmania for a visit last weekend so I haven't been doing much sewing, but I did manage to finish up last month's UFO project. This was a row robin from 2007, I think, and it's all variations on log cabin blocks.

Next up, I'll have some knitting to show off.


Libby Fife said...

Go Al, go! What a beautiful setting too to get started in. The quilt isn't bad looking either:)

Julie in the Barn said...

How exciting. Hubby and I have joked about getting to Hawaii by boat since airfare has gotten so expensive. But there's no way I'd ever try it. How long does it take to sail across?

sophie said...

I was wondering how many days the race is too. How exciting!! Nice finish on the UFO project ... can't wait to see what you're knitting.