Saturday, May 08, 2010

super Saturday!

I'm not a dedicated garage-saler, but if it's in the neighborhood I'll stop for a look. Today there was a big sale at the house behind mine, and I struck gold! First was a set of seven of these cool Fitz & Floyd dessert plates... all for $5. I love having fun dishes, especially for that price!

Then I noticed this tool box with a sticker that said "crafts/beads - $4" -- it is jam-packed with a variety of beads, wire, and little embellishing goodies. So for $9, my day was made!

Then off to one of my little quilt groups. This was show & tell -- some baby quilts for the Downy "Quilts for Kids" project. I had asked them to send me several kits but they only sent one, so I cut a few more from my stash and handed them out last month.

The bright green/yellow/red one is the "official" one, and that's me holding it. The one with the dark blue has trucks, the medium blue has an armadillo print, and the light blue is hot-air balloons. As soon as mine comes out of the dryer, they'll be boxed off and mailed to Pennsylvania.

And I've saved the best for last... I got my round robin back from the series I showed last month. I adore it! I've done a lot of round robins and this may be my favorite ever. The photo doesn't completely capture the vibrancy of the final border -- I need to quilt this and take a better picture outside... soon!
Tomorrow I want to concentrate on finishing a few little things, and then maybe start something new!


Joyce said...

That was some garage sale luck! Love the round robin.

Libby Fife said...

Gosh, I love everything about this post but especially your round robin piece. How fab is that?

Great score on those plates too. I would not have passed those up:)

Barbara C said...

That leafy looking fabric in the border is really perfect for your round robin quilt. The results are striking.

Good garage sale haul! The dishes are so colorful and bold.p said...

I love those plates Julie!
I did one of those Downy quilts too and also cut one from my stash.

Kay said...

I'm with Libby. Everything on this post is great, but my favorite is either the dishes, or maybe the Round Robin.

Darcie said...

Your RR turned out fabulous! Love that center!

I always love seeing quilters' faces along with their work. Nice to finally *meet* you! ;-)

Great luck at saling! Maybe you'll be a convert? ;-)