Thursday, April 08, 2010

edited to add..

I should have mentioned that hubby only needs to put on the gumby suit if conditions get rough -- like a big storm, or the boat being lifted out of the water on the back of a whale -- that kind of thing.

Also, about the Calico Cat's question... he says "if you have to put the survival suit on, you don't really have time to worry about things like that!" To which I replied "eeewww"

Quilty content soon, I promise!


sophie said...

Ewww is right!

Enjoy your teaching gig this weekend. I know you'll be great.

Elsie Montgomery said...

My parcel arrived yesterday, and I have to thank you for the creative extras that you added to the book "Fat Quarter Frenzy" - which I already have fabric/ideas for some of the projects in it. Thank you so much.

Have a super weekend!