Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wild Ride

They're doing a block of the month over at 3 Creative Studios, and the blocks are a little more interesting than some, so I thought I'd jump in. I joined just in time to be in their January drawing for some very cool stuff -- hand-dyed fabric, thread, a book, and more... and I won! Can't wait for the package to arrive...

Anyway, here are my five blocks so far. I do love color, but have to admit this goes a bit beyond my usual palette! I started by pulling that multi-color stuff off the shelf and its working title is "Wild Ride". The bonus is I've finally learned out to use my Tri-Recs ruler set.
We've had a series of heavy rainstorms the last few days. In between downpours on Monday I noticed a crowd of robins on the wire outside being "poked" by a bluejay. There were way more robins than this, and you can see the jay at the left. That flying saucer is just a reflection off the window, by the way)
Here's another view out the living room window at the lovely assortment of wires across the street. They were promising to "underground" the wires in our neighborhood when we moved in 12 years ago... ha ha ha... it's still at least 10 years away and the cost per household will have increase at least 10x by then.
We've even had several thunderstorms here, which is pretty unusual for the Bay Area. Bucky and I are being brave about it while DH is out of town this week.


DPUTiger said...

Ooh, I like those blocks! You'll have to share your package of goodies with us when it arrives. That should really be fun!

Elsie Montgomery said...

Those blocks are a bright spot in a dull, rainy day. We are on vacation in Scottsdale and it is dull and rainy here too!

Kay said...

Those blocks look like fun. Should be an interesting quilt. Tri-recs tools--I think I have one of those too that I've only used once.

imquilternity said...

Love, love, love your colorful blocks! They're really gorgeous and it will be fun to see your finished quilt (or whatever you chose to use them for). I'm so happy for you that you won all those wonderful prizes!

We're getting the same weather after you guys are done with it. Very strange stuff...we haven't had weather like this in years. I sure love all the rain, though, and the hillsides have already started to green up!