Sunday, January 31, 2010

greetings from Little Britain

Well, I was going to start with something else, but Blogger won't let me rearrange my pictures so you get the sock! Before I left town on Friday, I finished the first of the Pyroclastic pair. This is a top-down pattern with a somewhat oddly shaped foot (pattern available free on Knitty or Ravelry) and it took a couple of emails back and forth with the designer to figure out what on earth she was trying to convey in her instructions... I love the color of the yarn, but it's a tad heavier than what I like to use for socks, (Mountain Colors Bearfoot) and it was a real pain to see what I was doing because it's so dark. Note to self: lighter socks!So, I'm on my annual work trip to London, with a couple of days to play at the beginning and a day in Munich for work at the end. The pillows in this hotel are standard, but this is what I was faced with in the shower this morning, slightly jet-lagged:
Huh? It makes perfect sense once you figure it out, but what ever happened to the old "2 knobs, one spout" setup? (bottom knob is water temperature; next was on-off for the tub; next was for the wand; and top knob turns on the shower head -- couldn't they have included discreet little labels?)

I had a fun time this afternoon wandering around Hampton Court, and a quilt shop, with Kate and her daughter Olivia. This photo was taken towards the end of the day when we were all slightly frozen --
Kate was very good with history, and pointed out that the Tudors were known for their interesting and varied chimney designs...
I, of course, discovered quilt patterns in odd places:
and was amused by the shrubbery! We dubbed this "the Hershey Kiss" --there were several rows of these mushroom-shaped trees --
and even when many of the perennials have faded, these sentries remain!
So -- thanks to Kate for taking time out to play! It's always fun to hang out in person with "virtual" friends when the opportunity arises.


Vivian said...

The inspirational pictures for quilt designs are fascinating. I LOVE the photo of the chimneys.

My stomach hurts from laughing. I had to drop by your blog after reading the comment you left for "Through the Barn Door" re: terrorists not having a chance with a planeload of knitters.
I'm still laughing. Thanks for a great way to end my weekend, with a good belly laugh.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Nice post. Love the trees. I tend to take more pictures of trees than anything when we travel!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Hampton Court. I do believe it was my favorite place in the UK. The shop was wonderful, too. Of course, this was approximately a billion years ago!


DPUTiger said...

I am envious of your trip, even if it is for work. It will be years before I leave the country again. Bummer!

Your sock is awesome. Go, you!

Darcie said...

Love the pictures and the stories of your trek to Europe! (Why is it that we Americans seem to be hogging all of the snow?!) How fun that you got to meet up with a blogging friend!


jovaliquilts said...

Wow, great that you got to go and also meet Kate! And I have a photo of those very same chimneys. Absolutely love them.