Saturday, December 26, 2009

Long Weekend

It's so wonderful having all these days off from work, and being able to laze around and do whatever I feel like... I could definitely get accustomed to it!

Yesterday afternoon I started making a little mystery quilt from Dorothy Young's yahoo group -- I finished all the blocks this morning, and before she posted "her" layout, I arranged them like this:

And then she posted her version, which looks like this:

I have lots of little HSTs left over, which I'm going to use for part of the border.  Haven't decided which layout I like better or what the rest of the border will be...

Has anyone switched to the new blog editor on blogger? Am I the only one who hates it and is planning to switch back?

I took a little outing to the nearby city of San Leandro this afternoon, for a very spicy chai latte and an "in person" look at Libby's quilts at the Zocalo Cafe. They are beautiful and I saw several I'd be pleased to hang on my walls!

I'll see if blogger will let me place one more picture here  (it wants to put them where I don't want them, and then won't let me edit without a lot of grief) These are a set of blocks from this year's Friday Block Party -- who knew I had that many fabrics with orange in them?  The block party is moving forward for another year, so feel free to jump in!  I think I'll switch to another color palette now.

Next up, chopping a whole lot of onions and garlic for our annual chili-fest tomorrow!


Joyce said...

You are going to have an impressive block party quilt!

sophie said...

Looks like that was a cool mystery–can't wait to see your finished quilt!

And those block party blocks are going to make something lovely, too.

I made a pot of very spicy black bean chili yesterday; it was just the thing to take the winter chill off–it was cold enough that the snow was sticking in Dallas.

Happy New Year, Julie. I'm wishing you lots of good things (and finished quilts!) in 2010.

Kay said...

The fabric in the mystery blocks is so pretty; love the red especially.

I didn't know Blogger had a new editing program. I can't do lots of things with it now; I don't know if my web browser is out of date or what.

Libby Fife said...

Loving all of that orange!

Thanks for the mention of the quilts. I am so glad you visited:0

Judy said...

I would like to get involved in the Friday Block party but I do not know where to begin. Can you help me?

DPUTiger said...

There's a new blogger blog post editor? I hadn't noticed! I move my photos in the HTML side, so I haven't had a problem with photos --something I know lots of people struggle with on blogger.