Sunday, November 22, 2009

swaps and blocks

This is the little quilt I received from Nann for the holiday edition of the 4 seasons quilt swap. I don't have any email address for Nann (the link on her blog doesn't work) s0 if you're reading this, Nann... Thanks!
And this is what's on my design wall, a day early. I participated in a few months of a log cabin BOM at a local store -- I decided to use a little set of shot cottons that I got from Pinwheels a few years ago, along with some soft prints from my stash. I want to make a few more blocks and then I'll figure out how they're going to go together.

My computer is still a mess -- will only start up in safe mode, and the IT guy has never called despite a reminder after a few days! It won't open the utility to download photos from the camera, either. Grrr.


Kay said...

Some pretty blocks there; I'm sure you'll think of a good way to put them together.

Sweet P said...

What an adorable little quilt!