Sunday, September 27, 2009

small steps

I sewed together my birthday blocks from a swap last year -- this little Yahoo group has been doing the swap for many years now and this was one of my favorites. I sent out pieces of the focus fabric that I'd bought in Hawaii because it reminded me of lava, and got back these cool blocks!Today was the Diablo Valley Quilters show in hot-hot-hot Danville. Libby had at least one quilt there, and Sharon showed a round robin. My friend Catherine had several, including this delicious neutral confection:Gratuitous Bucky photo -- the heatwave seems to have taken away even his urge to chase lizards! I feel the same way...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Home for real...

Well it was a fairly uneventful week away in Wisconsin with the assorted in-laws... absolutely no quilty content to report on! Most of the time was spent just outside Wisconsin Dells -- thankfully after the main tourist season. The trees around our townhouse were full of birds, but I only managed to catch this one on film. We don't have red-headed woodpeckers in California, so it was a treat to see. There were a ton of blueish little birds around the golf course when I was walking there one evening. Were they bluebirds? Is anything else small and blue?
(edited to add -- not bluebirds, since they had no red on them. I should know, since I was a Bluebird when I was a little girl, and had to wear a silly red vest!)
We took my MIL on a boat tour of the Upper Dells one day. The Dells are a narrow part of the Wisconsin River with a particular kind of sandstone (Potsdam, I believe) that erodes in interesting ways. Here' s a spot where we stopped and walked in a little ways; that's someone's head at the bottom of the photo!
A nice little spot on the river...
I found this amusing: it was at the hotel we stayed at for a couple of nights in Madison. I've never seen pillows arranged this way before -- they were awful, bouncy foam pillows, too, so as soon as you touched them they ended up on the floor.
My MIL had bought a serger about three years ago that she never touched, so we brought it up to the Dells with us so that I could teach her how to use it -- no mean feat, since I had never used a serger before! Only trouble is that now I'm sort of thinking it would be fun to have one myself... although I haven't completely convinced myself. If I do succumb to the urge, I would probably want to get one of the less expensive ones (I'm not afraid of threading it!) rather than a Babylock. Do any of my faithful readers (LOL) own and use a serger? Comments?

Monday, September 07, 2009

happy labor day

It's great to come home from a trip and have a 3-day weekend still in front of you! Too bad it's the 3rd day already...

Here's a picture of my main collage project from Asilomar -- this was before all the stitching was done and before it was washed. I'll post another picture when it's finished off with embellishments, but that will probably be towards the end of the month. DH and I are heading to Wisconsin on Saturday for a visit with his family for a week or so, in Madison and at the Dells.
This is a close-up of the sheep in my sample piece that I showed in the last post. All the animals and plants in the piece were fabrics I bought in New Zealand last fall.A little of the wildlife at Asilomar -- Mom seemed a little wary of the people standing around, but not wary enough to take a different route through the park with her fawns!
We went in to Pacific Grove a couple of times -- there is an excellent quilt shop (BackPorch Quilts) and a great yarn store (Monarch Knits). In addition, this whale of a sculpture in front of the local museum, along with my sister!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Asilomar... Progress report

Okay, so I really am plugging away at a couple of projects in Rosemary Eichorn's class. She's a terrific teacher, by the way...

The photo attached (hope it's right side up) is a small collage that was my practice-stitching piece. I'll have another piece to show when I get home.

I can definitely recommend the Asilomar / Empty Spools experience! Already thinking about when I can come back and whose class to take...
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