Tuesday, August 11, 2009

why am I here?

I'm having one of those days / weeks / months of just totally not wanting to be at work... doodling quilt designs on my notepad... making lists of things I want or need to do at home... sneaking in the occasional sudoku game online.   Help! Do you get into these moods, and how do you get yourself out of them?
A friend just invited me to go to a Jackson Browne concert with her next week. I love Jackson Browne and I haven't seen him for about 20 years. I went and checked out his website and YIKES! how did he get to be 60 years old?  Last time I saw him, the drummer didn't have a drumset, for some reason,  so he was using a series of cardboard boxes in different sizes instead.
This week: catch up on the ATCs I need to make (I have several designs on my notepad!) and gear up to finish quilting the big pink house.


Elaine Adair said...

Oh crud - everyone has them, but when it's ME (YOU), it's always more crummy! Sometimes I think it's a natural thing -our body/brain needs down time.

Drink a lot of water, and DO something if possible. You know that thing about "One thing leads to another?"

Good luck, hang in there. If it lasts too long, see the Dr.

... oh yes, have some chocolate!

Libby Fife said...

Where, where, where is Jackson Browne playing???? He is my all time fav guy and I know he is sixty but I love him (gush, gush).

I know what you mean about work-it sucks to be bored and feeling like you want to be home. I will say that once you get home and are home all the time, the same old you is still there:( Urgh! Maybe buy a lovely magazine or book or plan something fun for the weekend? It will help a little:)

Dianne said...

Oh, boy, I SO heard that! I'm not even working, and I'm still in a funk. Don't know how to get out of it, either. So far, I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, but I sure would like to get my spirits back!

So envious you're going to see Jackson Browne. Love, love, love him...can't believe he's 60!

Margy said...

I'm in a funkity funk funk funk as well. I would not reccommend reading blogs - I should be leaving for work RIGHT NOW and haven't even showered yet...sigh...

Kay said...

Terrible the way these musicians age, isn't it? We fans don't of course.

Hang in there, and the work blahs will fade. They generally do, I find.