Sunday, August 30, 2009

Heavy Equipment

What's that old old Beatles' song that starts out "I shoulda known better?"

Greetings from my first night at Asilomar. My sister snores like nothing you've ever heard before! (Heavy equipment...) She brought me earplugs, but they really don't help. I knew about this because we did a road trip to Sisters, Oregon a few years ago. So why, why, why?

Could someone explain earplugs to me?

In other news, there's a mountain lion here, and vicious raccoons, so you're not supposed to walk around by yourself here, and especially not at night.

Maybe some quilty content tomorrow if I ever get to sleep. - feel sorry for the people in the next room (and the ones upstairs, and the ones down the hall...)
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Di said...

Watch out for those raccoons and bears and good luck sleeping, lol.

Nancy said...

I use the purple earplugs from Walmart. Roll them up between your fingers... With one hand on the back part of your ear, pull UP and BACK...insert that ear plug still all rolled up. Hope that helps...

Sisters and I make our Mom drink a wine cooler before bed and she doesn't snore...LOL

Libby Fife said...

Hey, I am up in No. CA and I heard it! Just teasing.

Vicious raccoons...are there any other kind? Introduce them to the mountain lions and see how that goes:)

Have a good time!

Kay said...

My sympathy. At all quilt retreats I've been too my roommates have snored. I found an Ipod the only help. Earplugs don't work for me either. Sounds like your sister needs a CPAP machine, but that won't help you this week.
Hope things get better.

Margy said...

The secret is to fall alseep before she does....although an iPod my be more realistsic. Good luck and does lack of sleep make you creative??

Elaine Adair said...

Oh dear - it is ME who is the snorer in our bed. 8-(( The possible solutions are NOT welcome. Bad story, so I understand. I'm sorry you are not sleeping.

LOVE your FISH FEEDING gadget!

Have fun!

Blumama said...

Here's the interesting fact - Julie snores, too. Really loudly at times. I mean REALLY LOUDLY. And speaking of Julie and sleeping, perhaps my snoring is just desserts for her incessant noise-making when we were small. Hah!

Unknown said...

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