Thursday, July 02, 2009

nothing much

Nothing to report here except -- yum! -- fresh pineapple sorbet with a sprinkle of coconut on top. What did we all do before the internet and its gazillion recipes available with reviews, hints, photos...? I had most of a cut-up pineapple that needed to be used, and none of my ton of cookbooks had a recipe. I found one at that was so easy -- pineapple, lemon juice and sugar. My best inheritance from my dad was a nice old gelato machine, so it was all a breeze. Why don't I do this more often?

Tomorrow is a trip to the Alameda County Fair with a couple of friends. Quilts, Corn Dog, Piglets -- in that order! I'm hoping to see Libby's quilts, for sure, and I'll report back. (I secretly love looking at all the home ec stuff like table settings and the giant vegetables, too, but don't tell!)

I'm hoping to actually finish up a few projects this weekend. The Big Pink House is still giving me conniptions in the quilting arena -- I may just give up and take it off the frame to finish it 'cause the thread is breaking again. I have another wall-hanging that's almost done, and the Spring Fling round robin needs to be quilted, too. And maybe I need to clean up the sewing pit again?


Libby Fife said...

I love that you have the "sewing pit". That is how I feel about my room sometimes too.

Thanks for the mention of my quilts at the Fair. My friend Annette has her two quilts there too. One is a redwork quilt and the other is an orangework quilt-Christmas and Halloween respectively. She does the most beautiful embroidery so be on the lookout.

Have a good one:)

Di said...

I just shut the door on the sewing pit. Have fun at the fair!

Sue H said...

"Sewing Pit" made me laugh -- have you been peeking in my sewing room? MMMMMmmmm, that pineapple sorbet sounds so refreshing.

jovaliquilts said...

Pineapple gelato ... mmmmmmmmm. Just watched Emeril on the Food Network for the first time yesterday and he was grilling pineapple slices (on an indoor grill pan, NBD) and chopped it up with cilantro and lime juice for a salsa for fish. I think I need to buy a pineapple.