Monday, July 20, 2009


First and foremost -- my Spring Fling Round Robin arrived home today -- is it not fabulous? I made the center block, and then Rita, Tami, and Laila did the borders and quilting. It's kind of funny that Rita and Tami both live really close to me in northern California, but then it went all the way to Norway to be finished! Tami did little origami flowers that echo my rose center, and the outer border is quilted with leaves. I love it!Here's something from the "widows and orphans" section. I did a swap recently of these scrappy string blocks, and decided to put them together with an assortment of blocks that had been sitting in a pizza box (a clean pizza box!) for ages. Some of them came from a very old "what a girl wants" block swap, so that's the name of the quilt. The floral border was in my stash for some reason. Very girly -- now would someone please have a baby so I can quilt this up and give it away?
Finally, news on the wildlife front. I have several cheap, old IKEA candle lanterns hanging from the eaves outside, left over from a party years ago. I was idly staring out the kitchen window the other morning and noticed a wasp hovering near one of them, so I watched more closely... the wasps are LIVING in the lantern!
See those three little holes in the bottom? In and out, in and out. There's a space between the place that the candle sits on and the bottom of the lantern, and they've taken up residence. Yikes!


Libby Fife said...

Love how the quilts turned out but especially that first one.

Gads, I do not like wasps! Also, could you please have a good time for me at Long Beach?

Mom said...

I love how your rose quilt turned out. V. pretty

Vicki W said...

Your round robin turned out great!!

Kay said...

That quilt is wonderful; what a great group to work with.

Darcie said...

Your Round Robin is spectacular!!! What fun to have had so many talented hands working upon it.

Yikes on the lantern buzz!

Anonymous said...

I just love your rose quilt. Where did you find your center rose pattern? May in Jersey