Monday, June 15, 2009

what's on my wall?

Judy L. started the "what's on your design wall" trend for Mondays, so here's my current report! I have two big pieces of insulation board covered with batting; they're portable, sort of... if I'm careful I can move them from room to room without breaking anything!

Wall #1 has an assortment of Friday Block Party blocks -- these are almost all of the 12" ones that I've been doing mainly in earthtones with beigy backgrounds. I'm having fun pulling the first fabric almost at random and then finding things in the stash to go with, and I've discovered some long-forgotten treasures!
The other wall has some bits from a project one of my mini-groups did a couple of years ago. The idea came from a book... can't remember which one... and the deal was that you made a block and gave it to the next person and they either made more of the same or made components, or made complementary blocks. I didn't really love the project and I made it worse by starting out with a "hither & yon" block that was too complicated for people to deal with. It's one of my favorites (upper left and lower right on the design wall) because the parts just seem so quirky -- what are those silly pinwheels doing there, anyway?
I feel some pressure (gentle pressure, but still...) to assemble this into something coherent. I'm sure it involves making some more blocks, but I haven't spent enough time thinking about it yet -- after all, it's only been a couple of years!


Libby Fife said...

I love those crazy pinwheel blocks. They look vert "atomic, space-agey" to me for some reason.

Great idea too about the portable wall. Now if only you could carry those walls with you...:)

Not Lucy said...

I have one of those projects lurking on my shelves. A lot of random flower blocks mixed with some 'Sun Prints' of real flowers. It would go a lot quicker if I just pulled it out and got going on it!

Margy said...

Great idea - I am working on a scrap Jacob's Ladder and need some perspective to lay out the blocks. I guess I'll be hading out to Home depot this weekend! Love all of your blocks - I need to get started on Friday Night blocks - even if I just do one.

Frederique said...

Beautiful quilt! You have such great ideas.