Wednesday, January 28, 2009

what's up with this?

I'm always feeling smug when I read about other people's computer problems, because mine have been pretty well-behaved... until now! I'm beginning to think my laptop is possessed and it's not a comfortable situation.

A few days ago, it suddenly started typing backwards! I tried to put my password in for my "work" email, and it kept getting rejected. So I started from scratch with my user name, and as I typed, it reversed my letters so that "janedoe" came out "eodenaj". When I typed my password backwards it worked fine. I ended up shutting down and rebooting and then it was okay again.

Today, I was happily working along, and suddenly it decided to hibernate -- and then it wouldn't restart. I finally got it going again by taking out the battery and putting it back in.

Has this happened to you? Maybe it's time for me to call the IT guru?


Donna said...

.noos sevloser ti epoh ...niap a dna ytsan sdnuos (sounds nasty and a pain... hope it resolves soon.) :-) said...

I did have the same problem in the summer with mine. Hubby claimed I'd left the laptop in front of the window and moisture got in it.
I shut it down, moved the computer and voile...never happened again.
Sure was scary though when it was typing all crazy....

hetty said...

If my computer started doing stuff like that I'd think it was gifted or something. Sometimes I can fix things by unplugging them and then plugging them in again. Other than that I am computer illiterate!

Unknown said...

Mine has never done that no but I have 2 failsafe techniques for fixing laptop problems.

1. Electronically smack its bottom. Ie. pull its plug out so it can't keep playing up. If that does not work.

2. Buy a new one.

Pat H. said...

I have a friend who has two Dell laptops (one was a replacement from Dell for the other) that 'seized up' just like yours did. Dell kept telling her it's something she's doing or her internet server....... She now has a Mac laptop and has no problems.

As far as I know, hers never wrote backwards! That's so weird.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Yikes! I have accidentally flipped the screen sideways and upside down and boy oh boy was that ever fun trying to figure out how to get it upside right again, but fortunately - I have never had backward writting. Hopefully it will resolve itself (do these things ever resolve themselves?), but just in case - maybe you should think about doing a back-up?
Cheers! Evelyn

Anonymous said...

It has happened to me several times at work. The IT people did a diagnotic test and found some bad files that had to be deleted. It took an hour to delete them all.