Friday, January 02, 2009

One thing leads to another...

More cross-stitch stuff -- Kate recently posted about some patterns she had finished with and wanted to give away, so I did a little swap with her for a couple of mine. I just love getting packages that say "Royal Mail" on them! But, I still have some more little patterns that I'd like to give away because I know I'll never stitch the same project twice. So, in no particular order, they are:

a tiny apple picture:
a lovely nasturtium bookmark
a sunflower
and two very old (i.e. 30-40 years!) Danish patterns for a thistle, and an owl bell-pull that I made up into a pillow for my motherLeave a comment if you'd like any of these.

Now onto something new! I woke up the other morning thinking about the mess in our hall closet, for some reason -- on the shelf is a big jumble of scarves, hats, knapsacks and other "stuff" that all falls on me when I try to pull out the one item I want. Inspiration: get three boxes or baskets to separate the categories and make better use of the space.
Then when I went to measure this morning, it suddenly turned into a bigger project:
- take everything out of the closet
- CLEAN IT, for heaven's sake! Do you see those cobwebs in the corner?
- and slap a coat of fresh paint in there. It probably still has the original paint from 1940!
- then weed out about half the stuff before putting things away

Progress reports to follow... in the meantime, isn't this the cutest? The inside of the closet door has a little shelf to put your bag on while you apply that last touch of lipstick before leaving the house!


Unknown said...

I think your sortout bug is transmitted online - see my post today!

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

If you send me the owl,I'll make it and send it to Little Mysteries in Australia (see my sidebar for link to her)

Word Verification: subese which I believe is not quite obese but really pushing it

chook said...

oh Julie I would love the thistle pattern
if it is not gone
hugs Beth

Debra Dixon said...

Could I swap you something for the sunflower pattern?

Donna said...

will you tackle only of my closets next? :-)

Carol E. said...

I'm going to copy your idea and search out quilt bloggers named Carol. Fun idea!

Hedgehog said...

Not sure if you're going to do a drawing or if it's first come, first serve, but I would love the thistle pattern. I'm happy to swap some Finnish goodies for it. Born in Scotland, I've always wanted to a thistle tatoo, have never had the nerve! Happy 2009!