Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday update

I've been playing around with the next set of ATCs for the birthday swap -- I have five to make for February. The pressed paper leaves are turning up again, but I've added some other stuff -- seed and bugle beeds and a bit of an old lace doily that I made a million years ago. I still need to finish the edges of these two. I'm enjoying the process of these things and wonder how they'll evolve during the year...And, since Helen has now received her birthday block, I can reveal it here. Here theme was African, and her suggestions included masks and wild fabrics -- so be careful what you wish for:
My inspiration was this photo of a Bedu Plank Mask, from Ivory Coast. I loved the patchwork effect, and the fact that it was relatively two-dimensional to start with.I have guys here installing DVR for our satellite TV service, and it sounds like they're drilling a hole through my head even though it's really on the other side of the house! I guess I'd better go see what's really going on...


Libby Fife said...

Both those pieces are nice but I especially like the composition of those leaves mixed with the beeds and doily-great mixture of textures, very tactile.

Have a good one!

tirane93 said...

great autumn designs!