Thursday, December 11, 2008

string theory

I think blogger used to load photos in the order that you chose them, but now it's doing it in reverse and I never seem to remember... so my posts are also being written in reverse because I'm too lazy to drag the pictures around. I keep hearing that there are other/better ways to load pictures, but I'm a creature of habit!

So, the first photo is my sweet little pile of goodies from the Secret Santa Christmas Swap -- they came from Beth in Australia, and I'm going to try very hard NOT TO OPEN THEM until Christmas.

The mailbox has been very very good to me lately. I think I forgot to post that I was one of the winners of the Block Lotto in November -- yeah! I absolutely love these little Amish House blocks, and I won 50 of them! Here are most of the ones that have come so far. I have a couple of ideas about how to set them together, which I'll share shortly. (I've never tried posting designs from EQ6 but it's probably time I learned how to do it...)
And -- relating to the title of this post -- I decided to try the latest craze, so here is my first wrapped plate:
I need to pay a little more attention to which fabric goes where, because the "color blocks" really do show up! And I think I need to find a better quality of cord, because I kept running into this problem:
I think my cord is all polyester, and it definitely liked to bunch up when I wasn't looking. Do the rest of you wrappers have this problem? DH watched me start this one, was very intrigued by the photo on the cover of the book, and was somewhat disappointed that I didn't immediately create something similar! I think I'll hand him one of my scrap bins and a bottle of glue and let him have a try at it.


Béa said...

Hi Julie, I'm impressed how your amish house blocks look perfect together...wonderful quilt in view !
Béatrice, France

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great! I have been following your blog for a while now and think we are neighbors. I am in the SF East Bay also-Contra Costa County.
Great posts and thanks.

Vicki W said...

Terri (Stegart) pointed me to cotton clothes line from Family Dollar. That stuff is perfect!

Nancy said...

My sister-in-law makes these for sale at local gift shops and museums. She uses 100% cotton clothesline.

I have the book and the clothesline and maybe next year I will try this...

The houses are adorable..

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

I'm so jealous of those houses . . . . .

PS: The word verification is fustorth -- I've noted some interesting ones lately, such as this. Trying to think of a clever definition and all that comes to mind is "synonym for 'behold!'" as in "Fustorth! There it is!"

Anonymous said...

Glad you are close by. Seems like everyone is in another part of the country.

Love those houses too. Just something about Amish designs in general that is so appealing to me.

Libby Fife (living large in Concord!) said...

I love your plate...where do we find info on making those???

OH...and those amish houses are too cute. I wish I'd been in a lotto like that but unfortunately, I haven't been in any lotto lately.
Which group do you belong to that does those nice lottos?

Anonymous said...

Very funny!!
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Mama from
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chook said...

Hi Julie I am so very glad you gift got to you ok
merry christmas
hugs Beth