Wednesday, December 03, 2008


First off, I've finished up the quilt for the Spring Fling Round Robin II, and will go out in the mail tomorrow or Friday. I can't show a picture of the whole thing until it gets where it's going. And of course I can't wait to see what shows up in my mailbox!
I decided to show off the shopping I did when I was Down Under; I have plans for a fairly simple quilt from all of these. Here's the first set of "Kiwiana" fabrics -- these are mostly FQs, with a meter of the panel pring.
This is more Kiwiana, in fat 8ths -- I just love the prints!
Finally, a few from Australia. My sister had brought me a great set of FQs a couple of years ago when she visited, and I decided I needed to round them out with something neutral... and then the blue ones just came along for the ride!
And -- another finish. This is a cluster-stitch crochet scarf for my "nice" SIL. It's made from Crystal Palace "Waikiki" in the "Tide Pool" color. I think it's a combination of linen and rayon, and it has a nice drape.


jovaliquilts said...

Great fabrics! I hope the quilt always reminds you of a great trip.

Mom said...

I remember many of those fabrics from New Zealand - Janice sent me a bunch after spring 4sQS - they had the absolute most lovely fern batiks I have ever seen-

Margy said...

Love the fabrics! I wish I would have thought to buy fabric when I was there but I was young & too wide eyed about being out of the US. Now I know better! When I travel I always try to buy three things to help me remember my trip, local music, a local cookbook & fabric!