Monday, November 17, 2008

NZ -- day 6

Had a long, pretty but ultimately monotonous drive South yesterday and ended up at Whataroa. It's the place to go for jet-boat tours into a lagoon where white herons nest and it's the only place in NZ where they do! It was raining buckets from 4pm on, but the weather was a bit nicer this morning; the ride was exhilarating and the birds were beautiful. Too bad most of my photos are out of focus... Don't know what I'm doing wrong with the camera. Maybe I should read the manual?

Today, a lovely drive trough mountains and lakes to Queenstown. Al is out riding on an old steamboat, but I decided that two boatrides in a week is enough for me!

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Unknown said...

I have the map out and am following along - that 'old steamship' could be the TSS Earnshaw ,right? Sorry - becoming an anorak! Oddly just last night I said to Dennis that maybe we should fly a segment otherwise we would end up doing a boat crusie eveyday for a week as that seemed to be the main attraction of every place. Even odder - there is no sign of rain on ANY of the NZ pictures I looked at on the Inetrnet - sure you are in the right place?!