Thursday, November 27, 2008

More T-day wishes

Here we are on our last full vacation day in Hobart; it's Friday here but still Thanksgiving back home. I miss the leftovers more than the big dinner, so I'm planning to rustle up a turkey and some of the trimmings next weekend!

Tomorrow is a million hours on airplanes and sitting in airports. The fun part is that we arrive home before we've left here, due to the date-line. It would be great if I could sit and crochet, but the Aussies haven't figured out that my ballpoint pen is actually more dangerous than a bamboo crochet hook, and I haven't figured out how to crochet with my pen!

I miss my sewing machine a lot, and can't wait to get home and finish up a couple of little projects that need to be mailed off. See you soon!
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