Friday, August 29, 2008

meeting a challenge

Toni the Quilting Pirate, mistress of the Miniature Booty Swaps, has challenged us to post photos of all the swap quilts we've made and received in the last year. This was my first year of swapping finished quilts -- and wow, is it fun! I have stacks of swap blocks sitting around, and tops made of swap blocks, but there's nothing like opening up a package with a whole quilt in it that you can just hang up immediately! And I love having these beautiful pieces from quilters all around the world.

In sort of chronological order, here are the ones I made:
Fall - to AustraliaWinter - to Hungary

Spring - to FinlandMiniature Booty Swap #1 - to the UKSummer - to the USMiniature Booty Swap #2 - to the UKAnd here are the lovely quilts I received!

Fall, from Darcie in the US
Winter, from Gwen in Germany (don't know why this one is sideways today...)
Spring, from Jeanette in FinlandMiniature Booty Swap #1, from Emma in the UKSummer, from Karlie in the USAnd this beautiful round robin quilt from the Spring Fling Round Robin #1 from all over the world
I can't wait to see what my Booty Swap #2 quilt will be, or the next round robin, or... I've already signed up for a couple more swaps!

I display the newest quilt on a little bit of wall right inside my sewing room/guest room, and I always have one or two hanging in the office. I like to be able to rotate these depending on my mood, the seasons, or just on a whim.


jovaliquilts said...

It's wonderful to see all the quilts together like that. You received some lovely ones, but my two favorites are the fall and spring ones you made. Really nice!!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great collection of quilts there - both to receive and send!!!