Wednesday, July 23, 2008

aren't I clever?

I just posted on the Spring Fling Round Robin site about the 4 seasons swap quilt I received today, and the one I was ready to mail out. After posting, I looked at the blog, and realized that -- duh! -- it was two different swaps and I had posted on the wrong site! Thank heavens for that "delete" button.
So here we go again. Today I received this lovely "summer" quilt from Karlie, along with a sweet assortment of ocean-colored goodies. I am so impressed by anyone who can hand-sew all those hexes together... I tried hand-sewing a Lemoyne star for a Nearly Insane block a couple of years ago, and it pretty much looked like I had done it blind-folded and with my right hand (I'm left-handed, of course -- LOL -- can't you tell?)And, I finished up my summer quilt which will be mailed off on Monday when I get back from Long Beach -- anyone else going to Long Beach this weekend?

I'm calling this "summer in my Japanese garden". It's going cross-country, and I hope that *** likes it, although I'm always just a little bit worried that I've made the wrong thing -- style, colors, etc -- for my partner in these swaps. I think round robins are easier in that sense, because the entire weight of the project isn't on my shoulders!

Gotta leave you with the latest picture of Bucky -- I couldn't believe the way he was sleeping the other day. p.s. anyone want a really ugly sofa?


Gina said...

Love the quilts.
Our lab Stanley always likes to sleep with his head on something as a pillow aswell.

Love and hugs gina xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you love the quilt, and the goodies. I was really nervous about it....still haven't perfected my binding.
Best wishes,

Mom said...

not in the market for a couch, but there's always a soft spot in my heart for orange cats!

Vicki W said...

The quilts are very pretty! The colors in the flower garden are so fresh and cool - we need that here in our heat and humidity! The cat photo cracks me up.

Sweet P said...

Your quilts are gorgeous! The cat looks very comfy and thanks, but no thanks, on the couch.

jovaliquilts said...

Have a great time at the quilt show! I'm thinking of trying to go next year. My sister lives in Long Beach and I was thinking of combining a visit to her with a trip to the show.

Tony Morris said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks for visiting St Margaret's. The traps are described on the post on 25th June 2007. (I bet you found me through Altering Thoughts, Pat Thornhill),

Anonymous said...

Aww, Bucky looks so tired. If you get a new quilt you will have to make sure the color of the fabric goes with the cat.

smiledarlin said...

I have to say

I am so pleased with it... I love oriental fabrics, I just didn't have any quilts with them in it. You did a beautiful job quilting it. It will hang on my quilt room door with pride!

I also did an attic window- but Yours is truly beautiful and I THANK YOU so very much!
I just love these little quilts!