Sunday, May 11, 2008

hmm... was it something I said??

Strangely enough, after all my freaking out about the new neighbors... they up and left! I've decided that skunks don't like publicity -- I think they were upset by my paparazzi activity the other night, and the fact that they were written up on this blog and my neighborhood yahoo list, and they just wanted a bit more privacy.
I did the trick of spreading some flour next to their burrow to try to figure out when they went out for the night, so that I could throw a back of mothballs in there, but the flour hasn't been disturbed for three nights now -- however I did catch a raccoon on the front porch last night, and found his tracks in the flour, too!
Oh well, back to quilting... here's a sneak peak at my Booty Swap quilt: Yes, it IS bright, isn't it? I have no idea whether my partner will like it because she didn't give many clues -- but I think it's going to be fun. I'll post another photo when it's done.


Marla said...

Good thing they didn't take up permanent wouldn't want to sneak up on them late at night.......eewwoooeee!

Hedgehog said...

Love those colors!

Hope they moved somewhere safe!

Barb said...

If your partner doesn't like it, I sure do! Those are my colors. Glad your "friends" have moved elsewhere for everyone's sake.

Sweet P said...

Bye, bye stinkers!
I love the colors in your quilt. I would love it, that's for sure.

jovaliquilts said...

Your sneak peak is tantalizing -- looks great! Fun colors, fun design in the fabric.

Anonymous said...

I agree... those colors are yummy!

Glad the skunks moved without leaving something behind to remind you of them! LOL