Monday, April 14, 2008

now spring is really here!

I received a surprise package today -- from Finland! It contained my next part of the Spring Fling Round Robin... and my Spring quilt from the 4 Seasons Quilt Swap! Isn't this lovely? It came from Jeanette, and includes some really nice hand stitching that might be hard to see in the photos. Thanks, Jeanette!
The second project is the round robin, started by Laila in Norway and continued by Jeanette. Sunbonnet Sue really isn't my "thing" but I will endeavor to continue down this country road with a second border and send it off into the blogosphere to be finished.Gotta love these swaps where you receive a finished project!


jeanette said...

I see it has arrived safely and I´m very happy you like it!

Sweet P said...

What adorable quilts. Happy spring!

susan said...

oh i love the quilt from finland!! how gorgeous is that??? lots!