Friday, March 14, 2008

anniversary update

I forgot that I'm going to be out of town on my bloggiversary, so I can't do the drawing on the 15th... it will be on the 16th instead. You still have a day to leave a comment and have a chance at the Frenchy Bag!

For Christmas this last year, I bought Al and me a gift card for a visit to this very Zen spa on the Sonoma County coast for a bath in hot cedar chips (go figure!) and a massage. It's taken us all this time to find a weekend to go up there, but we're going to spend a little of the bonus he just got on a nice hotel room and a great dinner. I can't wait!

Today I received the last two blocks from a birthday block swap I participate in each year. I think I posted a photo of my focus fabric last September after we got back from Hawaii. The fabric reminded me of lava and other Hawaiian colors. So, here are all my blocks:
I'm cheerfully accepting all suggestions as to how to set these in an interesting way -- I'm tired of the standard sashing-and-cornerpost routine! There's some almost black or very dark purple in the focus fabric, so I'm thinking about using that somehow.

Happy Friday!


Vicki W said...

The blocks look great! I don't have any big ideas though.

Unknown said...

I hope I am not too late to congratulate on your Blog anniversary. I like very much your french bag!
Congratulations on your socks too.
So many new tries on one sock! I find that by knitting ribbing (3K, 1P) on the whole sock (apart from the sole), the sock tightens a bit.
I could imagine putting the Hawaii blocks on point with a dark sashing. They all look very good already as they are though! Take care.

jovaliquilts said...

Absolutely gorgeous fabric and stunning blocks! Just off the top of my head, maybe you could set them either in strips with strips of that purply black fabric and feature some quilting or embellishment on that? Or intersperse these blocks with purple blocks in a haphazard looking fashion? Whatever you do, they will make a beautiful quilt.

doni said...

Happy Blog anniversary and hope you have a great time at the spa.

Bright beautiful blocks! Could you arrange them by value and make a rough sunrise/sunset?

Just a thought! Brights aren't my "cup of tea"! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Dianne said...I intended to suggest that you set them on point and found that Gwen had the same idea. I also thought maybe a centre medalion and the blocks surrounding it all still on point with the purple sashing to compliment the bright colour. They do look great and it will be a striking quilt whichever way you choose. Have fun with them.

Sweet P said...

I love your blocks. Happy blogiversary! I can't wait to hear about your cedar bath and massage. Sounds truly wonderful.

Luckybear said...

Great blocks. I love the colors. I too think that a setting with the block set on point would look lovely.