Saturday, February 02, 2008

a few notes from the road

It's kind of a pain to post from the blackberry; I wrote this once already in an email but I seem to have forgotten how to post to the blog via email...

Anyway, just a few notes after spending two days with the colleague with whom I have nothing in common, to remind myself what to write about when I get home:
- selective anorexia
- how to pronounce "concierge"
- the Tate Modern
- sardines

Anyway, depite all that, I do love London!


Vicki W said...

I'm impressed. I can barely write 1 line in a Blackberry email! I love London and wish I could go back soon (on the company $ though, not mine). The Tate Modern is my least favorite place but my best friend says it's her favorite museum in the world! I also love having a meal at Wagamama, freak watching at Covent Garden and especially the V&A. Enjoy the rest of your trip - I can't wait to hear about it!

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

LOVE your tantalizing previews! Can't wait!