Thursday, January 10, 2008


my favorite this week:
oh my godness.. yourPenis is BELOW average size, ...

I've gotten the same spam, with the same typos, about 37 times. Along with the dozens of "replica watches", re-finance offers, and drugs. And, can anyone tell me what this means?

honestly, does anyone ever respond to these things?

at the office, we have a service that filters most of the spam into a daily "junk box", which needs to be checked periodically for "real" mail gone astray. There's a statistic each day -- today's says:
Messages received by your organization in the past 24 hours -
97605 Junk
7076 Good

and that's a good day -- sometimes the ratio is 96000/1500!


Elaine Adair said...

I work at a church, and that is also the type of JUNK I get -- Pxxxx size and watches and stock offerings. It's just so embarassing, and uninteresting, but I have to glance through it to 'find' decent messages.

I agree, who answers these ads? Someone must?

Nettie said...

Since i've switched to gmail, with it's fabulously effective spam filters, I no longer get any spam, as far as i can tell, i haven't lost any legit mail in the process--have been with them several years. I highly recommend gmail (googlemail)

doni said...

I work at the University and our favorite spam is offering degrees from a "prestigious NON accredited University" Oxymoron if ever I heard one! But still - it could mean a pay raise!!! :>

Only if my advanced degree was in quilting!

MARCIE said...

I get tons of that on my Yahoo account that was attached to my pattern web site. Yahoo catches most of them. I took the address off my site and the spam is finally slowing down. I have also had someone break in and use my account to SEND spam. That really freaked me out!