Wednesday, January 09, 2008

the many, many banes of my existence

They may be a little bit difficult to discern in these photos, but I'll give you a few hints:
- it's winter, we had a big rainstorm last week, and the ground is wet
- we live in a nearly-70-year-old house so there are lots of ways in, especially if you're very, very small
- they are absolutely f-ing EVERYWHERE!

They are not on my desk, yet, but I came home to find the entry, living room, dining room and kitchen awash in the buggers. I started seeing them a few days ago, and Al very kindly wiped up a bunch of them and put (more) caulk along the baseboard in the living room which seems to be their current favorite access point. He kindly (ha ha ha) left the caulk gun there for me to use while he went out of town for a few days.

The one thing that works is to create a moat around anything you want to protect -- such as the catfood dish, which sits on a dry tray inside a tray full of water:

There's really nothing more pathetic than Bucky crying when he discovers that his food dish is swarming with ants! And it's a lovely thing to have to clean up first thing in the morning... I need to figure out how to build a moat around my sewing space.

Finally, here's the real reason why I haven't gotten any sewing done for several days -- I re-discovered the stash of un-done jigsaw puzzles in the basement. This one is a Magritte painting with 1,000 small pieces that all look very much alike. I've done the "easy" parts and I might have to go back to sewing now!


DPUTiger said...

Oh, I LOATHE ants! We had an infestation in Cali for a while, but I got a can of some industrial strength foam spray from work and it stopped the flow entirely.

I love jigsaw puzzles. My latest vice has been Evil, evil site ...

Debra Dixon said...

We have fireants here in Houston and they bite. Nasty bugs.

I am sending out quilts to you today with labels.

Marla said...

This would be precisely why the "terminator" comes every 3 months.....unfortunately in south Texas it's not ants in the's enormous cockroaches (they are palmetoo bugs but lets not quibble!)...that can fly!! ICK!