Sunday, December 09, 2007

Winter blahs

Maybe it's just that I've been fighting off a cold, but I seem to be having a hard time staying motivated lately. It's so easy to park in front of the tv with my knitting! Al went to London for a week for meetings (after giving me his cold!) , so it's not feeling too festive around here.

Then the cat decided to disappear for 24 hours -- maybe he got locked in someone's garage, or maybe he was paying me back for leaving him alone for a few days at Thanksgiving. He sauntered back in, demanding food, about half an hour after I had created a "missing cat" flyer to post around the neighborhood the next morning. I was starting to have fantasies about getting new furniture in the living room that wouldn't be cat-scratched to death, but I'm happy he came back, instead...

I did manage to make a couple of pot-holders for the gift exchange with Al's relatives -- it's one of those things where everyone gets one name to send a gift to; this year everything is supposed to be handmade or recycled.

And I've made a little progress on the NYB blocks (Al walked by the other day, paused and looked at them, and said "they remind me of the statue of Liberty". Is he sneaking looks at my quilting books behind my back? Yes dear, they're called "New York Beauty" blocks)

And, a couple of friends came over to sew this afternoon and I made good progress on the Holly Jolly table-runner that was posted here. I promise a photo as soon as it's put together. The best part of the day was that I did a little trunk show of my unquilted tops (there are a bunch of them!) for my friends, and decided that there were several I was ready to donate to "Blankies for Grownups" -- this is a local group that makes comfort quilts for seriously ill adults. Bonus: I can bust some stash by making backings for them, too! And I got re-energized about a couple of other tops, and vowed to make a serious effort to get more of them finished next year.

And now a question for those more computer savvy than I: I figured out how to create a signature, and I figured out how to add it to an individual post -- but is there a way to permanently add it to my blogger template so that I don't have to copy/paste every time?


Ms. Jan said...

Yes there is.

From Blogger dashboard, select Settings, then Formatting. At the bottom, you will find a field called "Post Template," enter your code there and it will appear every time you start a new post. I had to eliminate the border on all pictures to keep a box from appearing around the siggy, though. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooooo... I can't wait to see your Jingle Jolly! I would love to put a pic of it and linkie love of yours in the JJ gallery when ever you're ready!

Shelina said...

I'm glad you asked, because I was wondering about the signature thing too. I have my own now too!