Sunday, November 25, 2007

home again

We got back from Wisconsin at midnight last night. Despite all the chatter about delayed flights -- and the fact that our flights both going and coming left nearly an hour late -- we were pretty much on time all the time!

The Thanksgiving dinner was surprisingly good! I was a little worried about the tendency for my in-laws to make everything from cans and packages... but that didn't seem to be the case. There was a distinct lack of greenery though: my Brussels sprouts were the only non-starchy vegetable besides the obligatory green beans smothered in something from a can and topped with something else from a can.

(Steam the Brussels sprouts until tender but not mushy; toast some hazelnuts in a pan and then remove skins with a towel and chop in half; mix the sprouts and nuts and drizzle on some hazelnut oil; sprinkle with kosher salt; mix it all up and eat!)

We were hoping to have a little snow, just to make it seem like a real Wisconsin experience -- and we did! Just about 2-3 inches, but it was so pretty! Here's a very bizarre photo from our hotel room. It was enough for me to be able to throw a few snowballs at Al (memo to self: put gloves on before making snowballs) Boy, was it cold for a California girl! Most days were around 29-30 degrees F. I wore a lot of clothes, but there were still some frozen bits sticking out. I'm often tempted by Madison because it's such an interesting city, but the weather (summer and winter) would definitely take some getting used to. Here's a photo I took in Mineral Point, a small town about half an hour away -- there are lots of artists and antique stores there. Things iced over like this are seldom seen where I live!
My friend Carol took me to the most amazing yarn store -- it's called Lakeside Fibers, and it is HUGE and friendly, and has a nice cafe looking out over the lake. I don't need any more yarn, but I succumbed to some gorgeous red Berroco "Foliage" to make a scarf out of. Apparently the colors are supposed to resemble New England fall foliage; mine is "Japanese Maple".


DPUTiger said...

The last time I was in MadTown it SNOWED. Big huge flakes that turned into a 6" accumulation while we were playing our volleyball match. The California girls drowned their sorrows in a serious snowball fight after losing our match.

CONNIE W said...

They say we had some snow flurries on Thanksgiving morning but I saw none. I'm glad for you that your flights worked out without difficulty. The news was painting a picture of doom & gloom in that regard.

Kay said...

Speaking of fiber--doesn't that picture of frozen branches look like a pile of yarn? I did a double take.

Had to laugh at your description of the "can" green bean casserole. For some reason of age and background, I have never even tasted that dish, but when I say that, people look at me like I must be from another planet!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Welcome back, glad you had a bit of fiber therapy while away, that always helps.

Juliann in WA said...

That is a wonderful photo. They say snow is headed our way but I am hoping they are wrong.