Saturday, October 20, 2007

sad sparrows

It's fall and the gold-crowned sparrows are back. They show up in a flock and sing a very sad-but-piercing two or three note song for hours at a time -- it sounds like "oh dear" or "oh dear me". They're big for sparrows, and they'll eat anything, including a 3 year old bag of birdseed that my brother left when he moved out of town! My cat sits under a bush and meows softly at them -- so far he hasn't managed to bring one inside.

On the quilt front, let's see -- I finished and mailed off the QOV quilt I was bitching about recently. I realized after I mailed it that I hadn't taken a photo; must have been a message from my subconscious, since I loved it so much... not!

I bought a DVD called "I Have a Longarm and I'm Not Afraid to Use It" from Angel Threads recently, hoping it would help me figure how to stop doing all the stuff I was doing wrong. It seemed to spend an awfully long time on pinning (I mean, couldn't she have started the pinning and then finished it "off-camera" instead of filming the whole boring process?) but I did learn a lot. I loaded up a practice quilt yesterday, did most of the stuff she said to do -- and it worked SO much better! I even tried some feathers. Should have tried them in thread that didn't contrast so well with the border fabric, but what the heck...

More pictures soon, I promise -- I have a couple of things close to being done!

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Sue said...

I'd love to hear your birds! We have a cardinal that sits in one of our trees and will 'sing' for a long time, I love it, but not so much when it happens early in the morning without stopping!

I look forward to seeing some of your quilts.