Wednesday, September 12, 2007

lazy days

Gratuitous art-shot of wild rooster!

Today is laziness to the extreme. Al took off with the car at 5 am to do a 7-hour boat excursion that leaves from the complete other side of the island, about an hour's drive. I don't do boat excursions very well -- especially when the brochure says "if you are prone to sea-sickness, take the necessary precautions". For me, the necessary precaution is to stay on land!

I thought about driving him down there (and picking him up) so I'd have the car for the day, but I decided to hang out, do a tiny bit of work I need to get done, walk up to the post office and ice cream store, sit by the pool.
Yesterday I did a bit of stash enhancement -- first stop was the "'Discount Fabric Warehouse". There are several of these scattered around Hawaii but I'd never really been in before. Al pointed out an ad in the paper showing fabrics for 77-cents a yard. Yeah, right... there was one table of stuff at that price, outside the front door, and it wasn't even worth a glance.
They had a big wall of quilter cotton, and some nice prints, but much of it was obviously second-quality fabric. Designs I'd seen in my LQS were here, but they felt like homespun compared to the LQS stuff! I did buy a couple of pieces that felt nicer.
And then... Kapaia Stitchery! They had a big table of 1/2 price goods, where I managed to find a bunch of good stash-fillers. And their selection of batiks is SO amazing that I was somewhat paralyzed. I picked up two reds that jumped out, but I felt that if I really started pulling bolts off the shelf I would end up doing serious damage! (I think I have a self-regulating system that limits me to about $100 -- even if I'm not consciously adding it up in my head)

The red on the far right reminds me of volcanoes... you always have to find a "souvenir" fabric, right?

Since I'm spending two weeks without a sewing machine, and I don't "do" applique, I decided to learn how to knit socks. Here's where I am so far:

I'm working on the heel. I really have no clue how to turn the heel or how the instep and the heel come together... but it's a "beginner" pattern and I'm confident (hopeful) that if I follow the directions it will all work out! I'm using big (sport-weight) yarn 'cause I thought it would be easier. I've made a couple of tiny glitches, but all-in-all I think they're looking okay.


DPUTiger said...

Yell if you need sock help. That's becoming my knitting poison of choice! If you ask me, heel flaps are pretty darn easy, but short row heels make me want to use my needles for something other than knitting!

Granny Fran said...

Scrumptious fabrics, how can you choose? I'd love to have a colorful rooster like that in my yard, eating grasshoppers.

Sue said...

Have you progressed any further with your socks? I love knitting them.
Enjoyed reading your blog.