Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Vision Thing

First, an apology for the long silence.

Next, a rant about aging. Specifially about eyesight. This may be just about my least favorite part of getting older -- (other than my expanded waistline, that is. I always used to have a waist, no matter how big my butt was!)

I always had "perfect" vision, unlike every other member of my family. My dad and one brother were/are practically blind without glasses; my sister has had RK and still needs glasses. Not me... until I crossed the "40" threshhold. Then my distance vision got wobbly and I ended up with glasses for driving and movies.

Fast forward a few years. I'm taking classes at night that involve looking at slides projected on a screen across the room, and at my notes -- can't see either! Yuck -- bifocals. (I tried the progressive lenses but they just made me dizzy.)

Now, at the age of 55, my distance vision has miraculously corrected itself, but I have about 10 pairs of drugstore reading glasses scattered around my house, my car, my purse, the offices I work in... and I still can't find a pair when I need them -- which is almost always. On top of that, now the computer screen is blurry but the reading glasses don't help because it's too far away. I have an eye checkup on Saturday -- first one in about 4 years) and I know I'm going to end up with more glasses...

No quilty content today, but I promise to take some pictures of things I'm working on and post them soon.

Bloxorz update: stuck on level 30. forever. maybe new glasses will help?


Ms. Jan said...

Well I can't get past level 8 with or without the bifocals!!!

Joyce said...

I hear you. My DH and I have dozens of pairs of drug store glasses. I wear mine around my neck. Hate the look but at least I can find them. I had bifocals for awhile. I also couldn't get used to progressives. I hate to move my head when I read. I have a special pair of drug store glasses for the computer. They are not as strong as my regular ones. I also found bifocal sunglasses. Great for reading maps on a road trip.

jovaliquilts said...

Needing glasses is the pits! My eye doctor told me it would take a couple weeks to get used to progressives, and it was that long before they quit driving me crazy. But after 2 years I still didn't like them and don't use them anymore -- the reading part is just too small. I want lenses that focus at the distance of computer screens and piano music, which are at an awkward length for both reading and distance glasses. Good luck today with the optometrist.

Jeanne said...

I agree wholeheartedly! I used to love to read in bed, but when you have reading glasses jabbing you in the head, it isn't as pleasurable. And I also end up with a dozen pair of glasses in one location and none to be found when I need one. For the computer screen, I made the font larger. Good luck at the doc.

Jeanne said...

Forgot to say thanks for the bloxorz website! They say it's good to challenge your mind daily as you get older. VBG

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

I've worn glasses for decades, starting with just reading, then moving to two pair, then bi's and tri's and blenders, with a minimum of difficulty. My DH, on the other hand, had perfect vision for too long (IMO)and has SUCH resentment for his bazillion pairs of drugstore glasses which are all over the place. He is normally a saint who complains about nothing, but you should hear him whine about his need to wear these glasses!

I've reached the stage of early cataracts and expect this year or next that Dr. W will suggest we Do Something.

Not Lucy said...

Just found your blog via the Four Seasons swap. First thought - I wore glasses for 40 years and then had lasik surgery about a year ago. It is awesome. I still have to wear drug store glasses for sewing and handwork but that is better than all the time! My husband turned forty and his 'perfect' vision went south so he has to wear reading glasses and it drives him nuts. Second - AAARRRGGGHHH! You got me hooked on a new game. Tried it out and made it to level 17 and had to stop so I can get something done!
Enjoyed looking at your quilts and reading the blog and look forward to seeing your swap quilt.