Saturday, August 11, 2007

my new look:and my husband: okay, enough of that madness! Cheryl wrote recently about trying some of Ruth MacDowell's piecing methods, and when I told her I had taken a "vegetable" class she asked for a picture...
I made these several years ago, and I'd probably have to struggle to remember exactly how it works... but I'd love to make more of them. The book includes straight line and curved versions of most of the veggies. The straight lines are a little easier, but since she doesn't put any emphasis on the curved seams matching those aren't too bad either. It took me a whole afternoon at my mini-group to put the asparagus spear together!

I think if I leave these up on the wall for a bit I'll get inspired again.

Also, Dianne left a comment on a previous post about the 4-patch stack & whack quilts that my group had made, but the message came through with no email address. So -- you can make the blocks any size. It sort of depends on the size of the print you're working with: larger prints look better with larger blocks. I think I cut mine at 5" square so the blocks end up being 9" finished. Honestly, you don't need a pattern... but if you want to look at any of the stack & whack books to get more pictures of the concept it couldn't hurt.


jovaliquilts said...

Thanks so much for posting the vegetable block photos!! Wow! Those look good enough to eat. The asparagus may be my favorite (if I have to have a favorite) and I may start with that one. I think I'll do a straight line version before I try a curved one.

Awesome! I hope those really do inspire you to make more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for answering my question on your blog about the size of the stack and wack four patch blocks. Sorry I am not a blogger myself but enjoy a cuppa and a look around your wonderful group and all the beautiful things. I am a keen quilter from Australia (Heavens to Bettsy is one of my quilting friends) so you have probably seen some of my work on her blog from time to time. I am not very good with computers and have just learned over the past year how to see so much from the internet to inspire me. Thanks for your help and for a lovely blog.