Sunday, August 12, 2007

guilty pleasures

I'm officially launching a new meme, just because I feel like it. It's called "guilty pleasures". Aren't there some silly / dumb / embarrassing things you love to do but don't necessarily want your friends to know about? Pick three, or five or seven, and tell your fellow bloggers about them. Here are mine:

1 - corn nuts: I love 'em. Occasionally have a bag open in my car. (for those of you outside the US, these are large baked & salted kernels of corn/maize sold as a snack)

2 -America's Funniest Videos: this show is SO stupid but I find myself ROFL every time. Tonight they had a phallic tomato, dogs licking the mouths of sleeping humans, and the usual complement of people getting whacked in the groin. America at its best!

3 - Cosmopolitan magazine: even though I'm well past the age where I give a damn about most of the stuff in there, I always buy the current issue when I'm in an airport -- I'm convinced that the plane can't possibly go down when I'm reading it, and I love watching the people next to me try to read over my shoulder when I get to the sex articles.

Tag -- you're it: Nancy (near Philadelphia), Jenni (Fairybread), Cheri (Jovaliquilts)


Sarah said...

What a fun meme! When I was a child we had a foster brother who stuck corn nuts up his nose.

jovaliquilts said...

OK, I posted 3 of my guilty pleasures, and now I want to indulge in all of them!

I love corn nuts, too, but haven't read Cosmo in ages. A friend of mine used to work there and she sometimes made up the horoscopes!

Ms. Jan said...

Too funny!!

Not Lucy said...

When I was little (probably about 5) back in the 60's, my older brother used to eat corn nuts and they put giant corn seeds in the packets as a promotion and he planted them and they grew like crazy. He was 6'5" at the time and he couldn't reach the tassels at the top!