Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Camera Bliss!

I went to Best Buy this morning -- bit the bullet and bought a new digital camera. It's a Canon A560. It came with about 500 pages of manuals (as if...) but I've managed to get it up and running, took a few pictures, loaded the software, downloaded the pictures... it all works! It will take me months or years to figure out what all the little icons mean but so what?

Anyway, someone asked for a picture of the original fabric that I cut up to make the 4-patch stack & whack, so here it is -- it's from Free Spirit, and I found it on the half-price table at one of my favorite local stores (Stone Mountain in Berkeley, which always has a huge selection of half-price goods) And here's something else I've been up to. In her book Color from the Heart, Gai Perry has an exercise doing postage stamp quilts with a group. One of my mini-groups did this with only 3 people, about 4 years ago -- this was my resulting quilt:
We decided to do it again recently, this time with 5 people, and here's my new quilt:
The deal is that each person cuts 4 small squares from each of 30 fabrics. You keep two squares of each for yourself and the other two go into a basket which gets passed around the group. So -- each person picks 60 squares from the communal basket. Then -- the hard part -- you put all your squares in a bag and pull them out one at a time and arrange them in order on your flannel board, and sew them together in that order! We only allowed ourselves to put a square back if it matched the one right next to it, and to make one switch once everything was on the board.

Everyone ends up with a similar-but-not-identical set of fabrics, and then of course the borders make them look completely unique. It's a fun project, and I recommend it highly for a small group!


Ms. Jan said...

Love your fabric, Julie. Stone Mt. is such a great store!!

Laurie Ann said...

Sounds fun and the results are lovely!