Monday, April 23, 2007


Did I mention that my sister was visiting from Down Under for a few weeks? My sister is crazy-creative. She learns the rules, and then quickly embarks on ignoring-twisting-changing them. She does some quilting, knitting, weaving, needle felting, and bead-making. One of her current obsessions is "created fabric" and embellished purses -- here's one from a few months ago:

So, of course it was a treat to have her do a workshop for one of my mini-groups yesterday! We had rounded up a bunch of different organza, lame', and metallic netting; a bunch of metallic threads, and some sequin yarn. Basically, she had us put a piece of base fabric on top of interfacing and stabilizer, stitch around the edge to hold it all together, and then start playing with the fun fabrics and the decorative stitches on our machines that we never know what to do with. What a blast! This red one is mine -- I've since added some more threadwork in black rayon.
This black one is Kathleen's.
This is Catherine's -- she decided to use the off-cut of black organza from my black leaves...
And this last one is Kristi's. She did a lot of snippets of gold lame' under a single layer of blue organza. I think this one will end up being a purse. I love how we all had the same stuff to work with and yet out results were so different!


Debra Dixon said...

I am always amazed at the same stuff different people different end results too!

Pam said...

Interesting pieces of fabric. I can see that they would make great bags. Oh-oh - something else to add to my list - LOL

Jenni said...

Very cool. Where does she live DownUnder?