Wednesday, January 24, 2007

road trip

Well, I've been pathetically lazy about posting this month... my excuses are a) working too much and b) going down to Road to California. Not very convincing, right?

I had not been to "Road" before. The first thing one notices upon exiting the Ontario airport is the smell of manure. Where are those stupid cows, anyway? I didn't see a single one but I know they had to be there...

Then, there's the fact that all the hotels advertise that they're "across the street from convention center" even if they're 3 blocks away. No biggie, but I wouldn't recommend the one we stayed at -- very worn out looking and a hideous breakfast spread.

I was a bit cynical about Road's slogan - "largest quilt show in California" -- because it seemed pretty obvious that PIQF is bigger. At least it has more quilts to look at. But, I did enjoy a lot of what I saw at Road2CA, so I should just quit whining. I didn't win any ribbons, but then I didn't really expect to. My quilt was nicely displayed right next to a very pretty prize-winner, so I think it got plenty of attention.

As always, I've signed up for too many UFO challenges and I'm going to be hard-pressed to meet them. I am just about to become "queen" on the Stashbusters list, so the pressure is on! Last night I started to quilt my small Hidden Wells top, but the thread kept breaking -- I think I need to use a bigger needle, since it's 30-weight thread and I currently have a 90/12 in the machine. (don't be so damn lazy, she says!)

More to follow...

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