Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Not too much quilty news to report -- just feeling like a slug because of not posting for so long! I've got lots of little things half-done. I spent Sunday afternoon working on blocks for a row-by-row and thought they were done until I went to tidy them up and discovered that half of them were hopelessly wonky. I was using the "mill wheel" block from Judy Hopkins' "Around the Block" (one of my favorite series!) and since everything in the block is "on point" I find it impossible to figure out what size to square the components to -- the end result being that if I squared the block to 6.5" I would cut off most of the points.

I drafted it up in EQ5 and decided to paper-piece three of them in hopes they'll come out better this time. If not, I'll find another block to do!

Finished another purse -- photo to follow. I used a different designer's pattern for this one, and the instructions were no comparison to Lazy Girl's. The illustrations were poor, and one part of the instructions was completely wrong! I sent an email to the designer and got a nice reply -- sounds like she's making some corrections.

And, an update on the Thanksgiving dinner front... the ex-husband and two kids are coming; the ex-wife has decided to go elsewhere. So it'll still be a little wierd, but at least it won't be a hostile environment! Whew!

We're leaving to go up to Portland (OR) the day after, for a long weekend. Excellent planning, since it will probably be raining the whole time. We've got a little wine-tasting on the agenda, along with a drive up the gorge and a trip to Fabric Depot! If any locals have great restaurant recommendations, or other things to do when it's raining besides hang out at Powells -- be sure to let me know!


Sweet P said...

A trip to Portland sounds wonderful. Have a great Thanksgiving and a fun trip. I got an email from Fabric Depot today. They are having an after-Thanksgiving sale.

Anonymous said...

I had the best crab cakes I have ever tasted at McCormick and Schmick's Seafood Restaurant on First Ave downtown Portland. I enjoyed wandering around the Hawthorne district -- lots of funky little shops there. And I spent and entire rainy windy day at Fabric Depot! Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Re: your Thanksgiving guests. Thank goodness I read backwards to figure out what your current post meant. I thought you were saying YOUR ex-husband and the kids were coming to your house, but your DH's ex-wife wasn't going to attend! (I'm new to your blog; cut me some slack.) Having been through the divorce wars myself, I was thinking, "Gee, are these people reaaallllly civilized? Or idiots?" So glad to know your DH sees no divorce in your future.

Have a nice Thanksgiving ... and be extra thankful for him!

Susan said...

Take some handwork to Portland! =)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow and your trip over the weekend. Sometimes a change of scenery is just the thing.

Anonymous said...

Stop by and visit with Allison of Works in Progress blog. She's on the blog webring and knows all about Portland and the great stitchery places to visit.

Laurie said...

Too bad I didn't read this before the weekend. We were down in Portland also! Did you get snow while you were there?