Sunday, October 22, 2006


I keep meaning to mention a couple of non-quilty blogs that I read regularly. The first is called I can't remember where I found out about this, and I have no idea who "runs" it -- but it's a treasure-trove of links to interesting, amusing, and/or thought-provoking short videos, art exhibits, games, and so on. Today, among other things, there's a little video narrated by David Attenborough, about some crows in Japan that have developed a new way to get their walnuts cracked for them.

The second blog is Three Beautiful Things. This is written by a British woman who wants to record three things that give her pleasure each day. I found this because it was listed as a "blog of note" one day on BlogSpot recently. It's such a simple premise and most days' postings are short -- but I find it such a treat to read. It could be treacle-sweet, but it's not!

On a quilty note, I'm pushing through my list of things to accomplish this month and you'll note a few items crossed out already. I took a break from the list last night to start a Sassy Bag for one of my nieces -- I think all the female relatives are going to get purses for the holidays this year. I'm having fun picking out fabric to suit each of them -- generally I've been buying one focus fabric (a FQ or half-yard) and the rest is coming from stash. I'll follow up with some photos as soon as I get a couple of them done.

Today I'm off to quilt with a couple of friends for the afternoon. I have a "block party" block from a local store to do, and then I'll continue with the first purse, after I stop by Joann's for some new elastic and a couple of other notions.

I'm leaving you with a photo of my just-finished Japanese Puzzle top -- this is a project I started several years ago, and it's been clinging tenuously to a flannel board all that time, with occasional lapses where half the pieces fell on the floor. Since it's one of those patterns where every piece needs to be marked with numbered masking tape, and masking tape loses its "stick" after a while -- I don't recommend letting this one sit as long as I did. It ended up being something of an IQ test to get everything back in the right place! It also requires a certain amount of sewing accuracy that I didn't always achieve... but oh well. I'm thinking that I can attach a triangle of fabric on the back at each of the corners, and have two thin slats of wood to hold it into a diamond shape. Has anyone tried this technique?


Sweet P said...

Thanks for the link to Three Simple Things. I've added it to my bloglines.

What make a Japanese Puzzle quilt a Japanese Puzzle? I like it, but don't get it. At least not yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Flo
Can I call you that? Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog. It's very exciting to see people all these new faces from the blogosphere catching on to my game. I can relate to your meaning very well. I spend far too much time working on the blog, checking the blog, changing the blog, looking at other blogs, commenting on blogs, rechecking the blog etc. So much so that whatever word I choose each day, my husband relates the meaning to me and my blog - for example maunder to him is to hang around the blogosphere. Anyway, thanks again. I did some quilting when I was first pregnant and my daughter has that one on her bed but I don't think I'll be doing it again until they've grown up! All the best with yours. See you on line again some time.

Shelina said...

A belated congratulations on finishing your Japanese puzzle quilt. Thanks for the links as well. I went to both the simple things, and from there, to the one with words.