Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bad Blogger

Here it is October 1 and I've been so bad about writing! I think i've been spending all my free time reading other people's Blogs -- and I need to find a better balance.

I did get some of my projects completed for September -- the three round robin things for other people, the borders on my jewel box quilt, and the blocks for my "press for success" class. However, I didn't touch Al's shirt, didn't finish the Crazy Cat quilt, and didn't do the "boxed in" border for my ostrich round robin. So, here are my new goals for October:

  • finish Crazy Cats quilt
  • border for Janet's row robin
  • blocks for Enelda's round robin
  • first border for ostrich Round Robin
  • two birthday blocks
  • finish Press for Success class top
  • fix the miters on Batik table-topper border and finish it

This is way too much stuff, I know! The Crazy Cats have to get done, though, since they're for a charity auction at the beginning of November. I am machine-appliqueing some leaves and stems on the 5 big flowers, and then it will be all set to assemble the top and quilt it. It seemed like I had so much time when I started this project but it's really drifted away!

Just to prove I haven't been a total slug, here's a picture of my row (top) added to Lynn's row robin. It will go in the mail tomorrow morning along with 350 letters for the Library Bond Campaign that I stuffed and sealed this weekend -- no wonder my tongue is tired!


Hedgehog said...

Can't imagine you being a slug - check out those lists! Love the row on that RR. Good luck with the October goals!

Sweet P said...

Are you taking the Press for Success class from Quilt University? I took the whole pressing series earlier this year and learned a lot about pressing.

Good luck with your October goals. I've put mine up on my blog too.

Jenni said...

That row is lovely. I think this goal thing is too much pressure for me - I think I'll quilt at my own pace from now on. Slow!

Shelina said...

Don't feel like you have to post a blog everyday. Just whenever you feel like you want to say something. We do like to know what you are up to, but don't feel obligated.
That is an intricate row you added to the RR. You are definitely not a slug. Good luck on your goals.

Ms. Jan said...

Busy, busy, busy. Your goals are making me feel busy!

Linda C said...

I would rather do a row robin anyday than a medallion---not that I want to involve myself in any but my own.

You did a great job on those rows!