Sunday, September 10, 2006

winding ways

It always amazes me where I end up when I start following links in other people's blogs -- and how much time I can spend doing it! Today I was reading Nancy's confession about coming out as a Democrat, which led me to Ms. Jan, who had a link to this cool map of the states you've visited:

(create your own visited states map )

I'm not sure exactly how to define "visit", but in my case it's states where I've actually been on the ground for a couple of days, as opposed to just sitting in an airport. This map will come in handy when I eventually find that old airstream trailer and embark on my road trip!

I've finished my "Chain Event" top -- this was Dorothy Young's most recent mystery from her Yahoo group "A Pocket Full of Mysteries". Now I need to figure out what to quilt in the empty blocks... I really like the icy quality of these batiks.

And, I've been finishing a bunch of little tiny quilts for Ami Simms' Priority Alzheimers project; she has online auctions to raise money for research, and will also have quilts for sale at Houston and elsewhere. All the quilts have to be small enough to fit in a Priority Mail envelope without being folded. So, it's fun to take random blocks or try out some wild & crazy techniques. These are called "The Big Apple" and "Rhino Dreams".


Sweet P said...

I like your Chain Events quilt. I have done a few of Dorothy's quilts. But didn't do this one. I do like your "icy" batiks. They add a great touch to your quilt.

I've visited every state except Alaska and West Virginia. When I was growing we took a two week road trip every summer. As an adult I've lived up and down the East Coast for the last 10 years.

Linda C said...

At first I thought you were referring to the quilt pattern Winding Ways, not the route you took from blog to blog, LOL.

I did that map thing too but it screwed up my side bar too much. Surprisingly I had been 49% of the states. If I knew the exact route from DC to NYC that we took on our senior class trip bus route I probably could have chalked off a few more. But then let's define, passed through or actually spent a little time in first.

Hedgehog said...

I've been thinking of making one or two little Priority quilts for Ami Simm's project - thanks for sharing your examples. They are adorable!

Laurie said...

I was just thinking similar thoughts today -- how much fun it is to connect with other folks, and then to connect with THEIR other folks, and then on and on... And how much time that can eat up! But my life is still richer for all the bloggers I meet!

Jenni said...

No, no 100s and 1000s on the donut. Only on my Fairybread! Love your apple and rhino